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PowerPoint Quick Start – What is PowerPoint? PowerPoint Quick Start – Create a presentation PowerPoint Quick Start – Choose the right view for the task PowerPoint Quick Start – Add and format text PowerPoint Quick Start – Save PowerPoint Quick Start – Design PowerPoint Quick Start – Share & Collaborate PowerPoint Quick Start – Give a presentation PowerPoint Quick Start – Setup your mobile apps PowerPoint Quick Start – Learn more Slide & Layouts – What is a Slide Master Slide & Layouts – Add, Rearrange, Duplicate & Delete (Video) Slide & Layouts – Add color & design (Video) Slide & Layouts – Add color and design (Video) Slide & Layouts – Apply a template to a new presentation Slide & Layouts – Get design ideas for slides (Video) Slide & Layouts – Customize a slide master (Video) Slide & Layouts – Change the page orientation (Video) Slide & Layouts – Organize PowerPoint slides (Video) Slide & Layouts – Add a DRAFT watermark (Video) Slide & Layouts – Create, merge, and group objects on a slide (Video) Slide & Layouts – Arranging things on a slide (Video) Slide & Layouts – Change the order (Video) Slide & Layouts – Rotate or flip an object (Video) Text & Tables – Insert WordArt Text & Tables – Add a hyperlink (Video) Text & Tables – Create a PowerPoint presentation from an outline (Video) Text & Tables – Check spelling (Video) Text & Tables – Create and format a table (Video) Text & Tables – Insert a linked Excel chart (Video) Text & Tables – Add slide numbers, page numbers Text & Tables – Set text direction and position in a shape or text box Pictures & Graphics – Insert a picture in PowerPoint Pictures & Graphics – Apply an artistic effect (Video) Pictures & Graphics – Add SmartArt (Video) Pictures & Graphics – Put a background picture (Video) Pictures & Graphics – Add a background picture (Video) Pictures & Graphics – Use charts and graphs Pictures & Graphics – Insert icons (Video) Present Slideshows – Start the presentation (Video) Present Slideshows – Add speaker notes (Video) Present Slideshows – Rehearse and time the delivery (Video) Present Slideshows – Record a slide show with narration and slide timings (Video) Present Slideshows – Print your PowerPoint slides, handouts, or notes (Video) Present Slideshows – Create a self-running presentation Animation, Video & Audio – Animation, Video & Audio – Animate text or objects (Video) Animation, Video & Audio – Use the Morph transition in PowerPoint (Video) Animation, Video & Audio – Insert a video from YouTube or another site (Video) Animation, Video & Audio – Add or delete audio (Video) Animation, Video & Audio – Record your screen (Video) Share & Co-Author – Add, change, hide, or delete comments (Video) Share & Co-Author – Share your PowerPoint presentation (Video) Share & Co-Author – Save a presentation as a video (Video) Share & Co-Author – Inspect a presentation (Video) Share & Co-Author – Save PowerPoint presentations as PDF files Download Templates